Pixel Ferrets in real life? :)


Pixel Ferrets, you guys have been great at sharing information about the weekly progress of the game, and now with Vilya's new blog we're getting even more! Thanks for all the work and effort you pour into your little "community".

But here's the deal; I want even more... sorry.. "Mycket vill ha mer" ;)
I would want to see a movie clip of Pixel Ferrets in their "natural habitat". :)
I read this in Vilyas blog:
"...To begin with, we all sit down on the office couch and make a list of things we know we want..."

That was the thing that got me started on this idea... i want to see that couch.. i want to see that room... i want to see your office and your workspace. Are there "A Link to the Past" and "Chrono Trigger" posters on the walls? What are your usual daily routines? Do all three of you come in to the office at 8 in the morning and work on the game? Or do you work a few hours every now and then?

I would love to see a video greeting to the community from your office with a quick walk through and presentation.
Anybody else think this would be entertaining? :)

Ps. I'm actually quite ok with everything you've given us. The amount of stuff you share is immense! :)
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Well, I'm good as it is but I can't deny that I'm a little bit curious too. >_< I usually can't watch Fred when he streams and the one time I did was AWESOME! I just love the game. <3


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We've actually talked about doing something like that! Fred and his brother have been interested in buying a good camera, which we could use to film some of the... "office".

It's not quite what you're looking for, but here's a video from a long time ago, when I still lived in my tiny student apartment, and Fred crashed there for a week while we sketched up the Flying Fortress and its enemies ;D



Yeah! That's kind of what I was referring to. :)
But perhaps with more interaction with the viewers, less editing, maybe introducing us to your coffeemaker or what softwares you are using.

Just random every day stuff to let us all see what it's like to be part of the team working on the coolest project in ages.


this is Teddy, i guess
Well, Fred does multiple livestreams, so we've seen his face.
Teddy just showed us him in that video.
And Vilya did an interview about the game at some convention, I can't remember.


The picture from me is him in private, of course he uses a humanoid suite for such official things as a video