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Hello guys! This forum is intended to be a place where you can leave your feedback and suggestions so we can improve the game and understand what the community wants to see. Sometimes it gets a little messy so I've decided to make a couple of guidelines/rules to make it easier for us to keep track of things. We do read everything, but keep in mind that we have a lot of work to do on the game, as well, so we might not reply to every thread.

1) One suggestion per thread
If you're making a long list of things to change in the same thread, it's hard for us to keep track of which feedback belongs to which thread. Having focused discussions is even harder, if half the readers want to talk about the bow, while the other half want to talk about the shield. If you want to give general feedback on the game, please make a post in our First Impressions thread.

2) Motivate your suggestion
Please think your suggestions through before posting! You may feel that the quiver needs to fit more arrows, but why? Try to explain why you feel this way. This encourages discussion between users which in turn is helpful to us when it comes to implementing said feedback.

3) Descriptive Titles
Please name your topic in a way that makes sense, so it's easy for us to see what the thread is about. If you want to discuss different ways we could have handled the bow as a whole, "The Bow" is not a bad name. If your suggestion is specifically to increase the size of the quiver, perhaps your thread should be named "Increase Quiver Size" instead!

Lastly, try to stay on topic and, as always; be nice to each other! Everyone is entitled to their opinion. :)
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@Vilya @Fred @Teddy

Maybee we should seperate the Suggestions & Feedback Forum into two sub froums with tags.

This would be easier to read or am i wrong?
Cause if you have Suggestions => with Subforums => New Items, Mechanics, Etc
and Feedback => Mechanics, Items, Spells, etc

It would be well sorted and readable if you need feedback on a special purpose.

What do you think?