Secrets of Grindea themes for Hedgewars!


If you remember the mysterious link I posted some time ago (it's almost a year, now that I look :eek:) and wondered what was that, it was this:

There's this game called Hedgewars, which some people consider Worms: Armageddon clone (HW is better in my opinion though). It's fully open source and lets you create lots of stuff for the game. As a hobby (XD), I like creating themes for maps. And I created two themes based on Secrets of Grindea. I could've posted it long ago, but the old version didn't have the water override I needed for abyss in Flying Fortress. So I'm posting it now.

The screenshots, if you don't like clicking links or something:


If you are interested in the game, you can get it here:
(grab the newest alpha if you want to play these themes)