Steam Usernames and Steam Group

It would be nice to be able to play da beta with some more people. Feel free to post your Steam user names so we can gang up! The more - the merrier!

Profile name: SoyAntonio

Also, don't forget to join the unofficial Secrets of Grindea beta tester group on Steam where you can find people to play with!

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Link to the "Normal" Secrets of Grindea Group for the finished game

Join the Discord Server for easy chatting and Coop
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over here : P0t3m ( I know,it sounds strange, but its edible mushed meat ( and yes I know it sounds gross) but it is quite enjoyable,and tasty ! )) when I get the beta tho.


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if you want to get any item or card or so, just write me and i'll help you grind
please not if i'm playing something different
online --> ok
ingame Secrets of Grindea --> ok
ingame some other game --> not ok
offline --> why?

Learning to do right now
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Steamname is Harmony!
You can find me with a green avatar and the name harmony in it :3

Would love to play with one or more of you guys!