[Suggestion] Show Changed Dialogues

Hey ho,

While watching Dennys playthrough, he mentioned that Quinton wouldn't take Amalet from him after returning from the ancient temple. Quinton had the (translated) dialogue in which he told the player of going to the Arena, the West Evergrind Fields and so on (and not up the stairs to your father). Thats due to the fact that I created the translation when that was the games "end point" for the time being, as the next dialogues with your father and Naniva weren't in the game yet.

So he switched to the english version and saw that my translation wasn't correct because I didn't knew you changed it - can't look through all dialogue lines after each patch, obviously.

So when the translation tools ever get updated, some feature to look at the dialogue lines which got changed would be awesome. Or just mark the dialogue lines which got changed to untranslated. Or just make a thread in the forums which dialogue lines got changed. (Makasoo!)

If this thread fits better in the suggestions forum feel free to move it, I didn't unpack yet.

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It's actually supposed to have this functionality, but the feature must have somehow bugged out! I'll admit I haven't tested it very thoroughly.

I'll try to recreate this and make it more robust, because I wholeheartedly agree it's a very vital feature for a game in constant change!


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Ok, so what's probably happened is that I've simply forgotten to press a little button called "Flag Dialogue" that exists in the dialogue authoring tools (which are used to make the original English dialogue). The idea was pressing that button would bring the dialogue up to the latest version, and force a re-translation on any earlier version.

In hindsight, it wasn't a very smart move, since the risk of me forgetting to press that button is much worse than the off chance that I'd make a dialogue change that "doesn't matter".

Going forward, any time I make any change to a dialogue, it will be flagged for re-translation!