Thank you


I don't know why I'm writing this. Just saw the Steam release and had this feeling...
I'm following this game for two and a half year now and for some reason the new changes motivate me altough I haven't been involved in making the game. Well, actually I have. And that's the point. Almost four years have passed since you started the dev blog and you always listened to the community, created a forum, read the comments and implemented so many of our ideas.
Secrets of Grindea is an awesome game.
Thank you.


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You're welcome!!

Seriously though, it's us who should be thanking the community for all the great feedback and encouragement. If we had developed this game in a cellar somewhere without showing it off to people and getting all the great QA and suggestions from you guys, it would've ended up a much worse game. Being able to brainstorm here on the forum before, during and after design/implementation is really helpful.

It also warms our hearts a little whenever we stumble upon some place talking about the game, and someone who's played the game chimes in!

So... thanks guys! Let's make some more games (or game) :D