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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Fred, Jun 17, 2014.

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    I feel you on fighting the bag. XD
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    Not true, i've spent only 15 hours playing this game and the battle was very easy to me. People who got used to play this kind of game like me, are more likely to find this battle easy, i guess.

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    I just recently got the game, and as such, this is my very first character and consequently, my very first run.

    1. Did you experience the fight as too hard/too easy/just about right? Which attacks, if any, posed a problem for you?
    The fight was incredibly easy. He hit me a single time with a flurry of jabs as soon as the fight started, but otherwise didn't touch me for the remainder of it. I was expecting his dash attacks and his movement to be much faster than it actually was.

    2. How many attempts did it take you before you defeated him?
    Normal - 1, Hard - N/A, MP - N/A.

    3. What level and gear did your character have during the fight?
    Level 10 - Carrot Sword, Iron Shield, Brawler Plate, Sandals, Slimy Ring, Archer's Apple.

    4. What skills did you use to beat him?
    Lvl 6 Blade Furry, Lvl 7 Flamethrower. (Hurray for that free skill point quest giving me silver AND bronze points!) It should be noted that I only used the Flamethower skill. Charged it up and hit him with 2 (Or was it 3?) flamethrowers and he was done.

    5. Anything goes!
    I thought the fight was just too slow with not enough variation. I would've liked to see some kind of dodge or defensive move from Marino, as he just kinda stood here as I shot a wall of damage into his face. Then, when he decided he wanted to attack he just kept spamming the 4-rushes-across-the-courtyard attack which required lazily moving up and down to dodge every time. Perhaps making his rush attack rapidly switch to vertical occasionally within the group of 4 would mix it up a little, if you add in some other moves as well. All in all, after dodging so many projectiles and getting used to running around a lot fighting Phaseman and GUND4M, I found this fight to lack urgency, energy, and challenge for a boss fight after the temple. I believe it would benefit from more variation in his attack patterns, a method of avoiding the player's most damaging attacks, and Marino just simply being a little faster and a little less predictable.

    Edit: I reached this point in the game in about 2 hours, since somebody was wondering above. Completing this run so far has also made me feel like "Normal" is just a bit too easy. As such, all of my future testing will be on "Hard".
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  4. Melinsarius

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    Only beat him on one character, LVL 14 2handed swordswoman on hard

    1. Did you experience the fight as too hard/too easy/just about right? Which attacks, if any, posed a problem for you? About right for me, but I have been playing this game for a large amount of time and as such am not sure if it would be too hard for a player

    2. How many attempts did it take you before you defeated him? Beat the encounter on the second attempt.

    3. What level and gear did your character have during the fight? lvl14, Swashlight, The Iron Shield, Green Slime Armor, Phaseman's Face, Phaseman's boots, Red ring, Health amulet (164 attk dmg, 107% attk spd, 624 hp, 70 defense, 18% crit chance, Damage potion)

    4. What skills did you use to beat him? Perfect Guard and Whirlslash. Didn't take many perfect guarded whirlslashes to beat him.

    5. Anything goes! I like the fight in general and again this may be because ive played the game for a while but it seemed too easy once I figured out which attacks to perfect block. I would almost say to make the charge where he continues to charge over and over break the shield even when you perfect guard unless youre using the crystal shield or make it so he keeps attacking even if you perfect guard, like hes knocked back but comes through again, making you either perfect block again or break ypour shield.
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    1. I found him to be decently hard (played on hard difficulty)
    The normal combo was the most annoying for me in the end. The dashing moves to all directions were hard and annoying in the beginning as the timing is a bit weird but the combo was my greatest problem as it did REALLY hard damage and i found it hard to block.

    2. Probably around 5 or 6?

    3. 12, Freshly made the character, did not grind much, just finished the quests and did a few bosses.
    I used the Stinger Sword, Slime armor, the Phase dude Helmet and boots and 2 Atk Rings.
    The shield was a normal metal shield from the smith.

    4. Multistab thingy and dash stab thingy (i dont actually recal the names as the icons speak well enough, nice work)

    5. In general i think it was okay. Less annoying than GUN-D4M but i suppose thats how it should be.
    Also i suck very hard at playing bullet hell and thus GUN-D4M will probably the hardest boss for me.

    I found that sometimes when he uses his dash combo, the first one misses even if you dont move (i was waiting to perfect guard him)

    Also the tactic i used was perfect guarding his small dashing attacks and the dash combo which GET stopped by blocking. Only the normal combo doesnt, which i find okay as you can perfect guard 1 hit of it and still use a silvercharged move afterwards.
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  6. Rajunah

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    1. Too easy
    2. one
    3. lv12... Apprentice Rod, iron shield, knitted shirt, witch hat, blue ring, soul amulet, mountain boots, spectacles.
    4. Flame thrower Lv 8, cloud strike lv 3, summon plant lv 5(this skill need balance, channel should be faster, skill could last a little more, the range of atk could be a little large in high tier and the plant should have HP and draw attention of the enemy).
    5. Make it a harder fight and longer... i only hit him 3 times with flame thrower and the cloud did the job just fine.

    PS: my eng is not very good and not my main language.

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