The "/setlevel" command should also give an equivalent amount of skill points

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by The G-Meister, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. The G-Meister

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    I'd like to mess around with a few builds, see how they fare against enemies, and I'd rather not go refunding all my points on my main save (saving up my 150,000 coins for a rainy day...), so I went into a new save and used the /equip and /setlevel commands to get me almost up to my current build, but no skill points. Yes, I get the base damage and health, but I can't test out any builds :/

    So, my proposal is either to give skill points along with /setlevel, making it pretty much the exact equivalent of being at that level, or introduce an entirely new command to give oneself skill and talent points. Or perhaps a testing mode entirely of its own... I'll write that in another thread :D
  2. GoodStuff

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    I don't think it's a good idea to boost the /setlevel command. You want players to play through the game with the appropriate level so you can be sure that the balance is right. If everyone started boosting up their characters as soon as they get into the game (like I did when I first played Skyrim) you just walk through the game and think to yourself "this is easy and boring" which is not the kind of experience you want your players to have.

    If you want to test other skills on your main save just use /respec to reset all your skillpoints for free. :) (It could also be a good idea to keep backup of your savefiles as a just-in-case-something-goes-wrong backup) ;)
  3. The G-Meister

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    Oh, didn't realise that still worked after they added the legitimate way to refund points. Thanks :D

    I can see your point, but the cause of it being easy and boring is because of using the command. I'd never use a command to boost my level unless I'd 100% completed the game from start to finish, to squeeze a little bit more enjoyment out of it. However, younger players usually get that inkling to cheat, so it's probably a good idea it's left out.

    Anyway, where are save files stored? Somewhere in the steam program files? Or elsewhere?
  4. GoodStuff

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    Save files are stored in %APPDATA%/Secrets of Grindea/
  5. The G-Meister

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    Ahh appdata, thanks

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