Version 0.56j


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Patch 0.56j (I think I should've added a third digit before the letter... :D)
Summary: Steam cloud sync for both versions has been added. Apart from that, it's mostly bug fixes and a few balance changes! I'll take a short break from bug fixing now unless someone finds a huge bug, and implement the Memory Room once and for all.

  • The game supports Steam cloud sync (including the non-frontline version)
  • If attempting to shield while it's broken, a text saying 'No Shield' will now appear above the player's head
  • You can now hold CTRL to make the game ignore text input while entering text (for people using WASD or similar and just want to move)
  • Robin has more nuanced comments about your bow score now, as well as a hint of how to get the reward item
  • Perfect Guarding bees will now cause them to be stunned three times as long as normal
  • Scarecrows can now be knocked back by silver charged smashes
  • Rabbys in normal mode will no longer become aggressive if damaged by non-player sources
  • Lots of buildings and other structure have gotten grass details at their bases
  • Teleport plates now activate when you get close, instead of right on top of them, making them harder to miss
  • The teleport bag tips now appears the first time you've manually activated a teleport plate, or in front of the ancient temple at the latest
  • The interaction collider of the mysterious merchant has been increased for a smoother multiplayer shopping experience
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a rare connection crash where the server sent an empty message on world load
  • Robin no longer screams out the bow game results to people who aren't even in his house
  • The bow related perks no longer carry over after unequipping them in the Arcade Mode
  • Immediately entering the menu upon leveling up now cancels the notice animation
  • Disconnecting as a client and then reconnecting should no longer cause crashes in Evergrind City
  • The game should no longer randomly crash after designing an Arcade Mode character
  • The game no longer steals your keys if you exit the flying temple while having a quest tracked
  • While catching pets, the correct bait item should now appear in your hand after using it
  • The 'next reward' in the Arena should now display properly regardless of score
  • Luigi was sent to grammar school and has now returned a superior linguist
  • The journal now give the correct button hints in the left info window
  • If disconnecting through the menu and then immediately attempt to reconnect, it should now do so
  • The game no longer saves the multiplayer progress as local when choosing 'Save and Quit' as client
  • The game no longer crashes if you own two copies of an accessory, but only one is equipped, and nothing is equipped in slot B, and you sell one of those accessories
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Triple Stun time on bees? Daaaaaamn.

I prefer dodging and attacking but perfect guarding has a much bigger incentive on bees now...


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Since I suspect the current Frontline version is actually more stable than the Stable version, I've brought the Stable up to 0.56j as well!

If my guess is wrong I'll rollback the Stable version to 0.56h again.


Did you guys sneak something in with the random generation on arcade multiplayer? Cause I can't explain it filling in the name for me XD

This is some of that new building grass right?


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I noticed this and some other changes too. I think there are many hidden changes as I download an update on steam every few hours :)


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The random name generation has som really nice names Paprika or Legend are some of my favourite names. :3


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Will 0.56g be the only no DRM release or will there be a way to download a newer revision on humble bundle or something as non DRM?
Having problems sometimes with steam on my laptop, thats why im asking. Dont want to be stuck on 0.56g <>


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The DRM-free version will be updated at the same time as the stable version on steam: when we have enough content for another large update, like a fully implemented new area and such things.

We have to mail the DRM-free version to the humble bundle people (who handle the widgets) and have them manually put it into your download pages, so it would be a lot of extra work both for us and them to update it as frequently as the frontline version on steam :(


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Ah, thats no problem then. :) As long as i know that eventually i can play the updated version, thats more than enough. Till then i will deal with steam somehow. :)

Thanks for the fast reply!


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Hey guys, it's been over a month since the Stable version was updated to 0.56j and HumbleBundle is still providing 0.56g, any idea when that'll be updated? Thanks.


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What I've heard is that the DRM-free version (the one you can download on HumbleBundle) won't get many updates because it's a longer/bigger process to update because HumbleBundle isn't really optimized for updates like steam is, so I would say that you either install steam or wait more. :p