Version 0.700b


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Thanks for the heads up! Glad to hear that:)
Let us know then if Linux testers are needed.

Some updates on this! I've read through much of the documentation of FNA (the porting framework we're very likely to use), and it differed from what I expected in a major way: it was not well suited for developing parallel to the regular XNA build.

This doesn't mean it's harder to port, but it probably means the porting work is less reusable than I thought and that it will be much harder keeping it up-to-date. The original plan was to give the porting a shot before we continue on with the story, but the new plan is to clone the project on the next stable build, and then I'm going to make porting a side project that I work on during moments where I wait for art, or during my free time, etc.

When I've got a port of that up and running I can assess what to do from there! If it was straightforward enough, I might keep making "new" ports for every Stable build, at least.


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Hmmm I guess you discarted the possibility of completely migrating to FNA (which can generate cross-platform builds), but I'm looking forward to see how your plan plays out. Thanks a bunch for the information :)

Of course I could help get you some publicity traction with an article on once the port starts breathing...


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Hi guys!

Sorry to revive this thread.

Just wondering if you're still thinking of porting the game to Linux. It works with Proton, but considering it's an early access... I'm worried it might stop working.

Game looksc awesome though.