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  1. Teddy

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    Summary: All the various game improvements over the past few months is finally available on Stable!

    Recommended level: N/A

    Update Description

    The following patches have been brought to Stable:

    If you want to know more about something, click the patch name to see the relevant patch notes!

    Utility Skills - Support players can be a bit more supportey, and solo players can vary their builds more!
    Rebalance Patch - Overhauled every single skill in the game, reworked some, and introduced magic weapon projectiles
    Talent/Bow Patch - Introduced 21 new talents and added upgrades and charging for the bow
    Potion Patch - A potion rework involving recharging flasks and a ton of new potions

    Next Up: We're onto our final stop before going back to working on the story full time: updating Arcade Mode!
  2. araqyn

    araqyn Green Slime

    Thanks Teddy for updating the version on the humblebundle store (from 0.700 to 0.730).
  3. Darkenucku

    Darkenucku Green Slime

    been following this game for a bit was wondering when the next update has a rough date for release?
  4. KoBeWi

    KoBeWi Jumpkin

    This year. Maybe.
  5. CyanideX

    CyanideX Green Slime

    I'm new at this game and I'm so excited about this game ^^
    thanks for the new update, waiting for next feature Teddy, Thanks
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