Version 0.870a


Green Slime
I am grateful for the answer to your continued inquiries.
But I could not find the Config.txt file anywhere in the computer and Roaming in Appdata \ could not find this folder either.
I received a message that the game could not be played due to compatibility issues.
I want to ask if there is a game called Cortana in Windows 10.


Staff member
I think Cortana is supposed to be Windows' AI-assistant? I'm not sure what her purpose is though.

That's super strange that you can't find the save files! Because you have played the game before, right?


Green Slime
I'm sorry. If I explained a little better, it wouldn't have been hard for you to help.
As a result, I found that it was running on the old computer.
Can you let me know if you have a download file that you need to play the game?


Green Slime
Oh! Thank you. Finally, I succeeded in playing the game! Thank you very much for helping me so far! Solvers! ->(Developer Teddy)
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 고마워! 개발자이자 해결사 테디! 덕분에 정말 기대하고 있는 작품을 실행할수 있음에 매우 감사롭게 생각해!
여담으로 우리나라 "기생충" 영화가 인기가 있다나봐! (난 아직 안봣지만......)
= Thank you! Developer and Solver Teddy! Thanks to you, I am very thankful to be able to do a work that I really look forward to!
Our country's "Parasite" movie is very popular.Look at this! (I haven't seen it yet......)