Version 0.897f


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Summary: Some more of Story Mode's dead ends in the world have been filled!

Recommended level: N/A

Update Description


Note: This is one of those real Frontline updates, where sounds are missing, some graphics are placeholder etc! The gameplay should hold up well, though!

About the patch

Like the previous patch, this one makes the game a bit fatter by filling in some "holes" in the world (and in some cases just adding more stuff)!

Since the content is quite spread out, the easiest way to find it is to use the completion tracker on the world map!

With this patch, we've now almost reached the point we've been aiming for in terms of side-content. There will be one more Frontline-patch of this kind, and then we'll move on to finishing (?!) both Arcade Mode and Story Mode!

Happy holidays!

Next Up: There are still some things we need to get into the game before embarking on the final stretch of development towards 1.0! So expect one more Frontline update of similar type and size, and then all the new side content will appear on Stable.



  • Added a new side quest in Port Monnaie, which brings closure to a very important side story
  • Added a bunch of additional secrets scattered around the world
  • Added a bunch of new NPCs: some with new content attached, some just for the sake of it
  • Chat command: type /clearhighscores in the in-game chat to erase local Arcade Mode highscores
  • Added a dedicated spawner for Bloomos in Evergrind South, to make them less of a headache to farm
  • The fans summoned by Endasil's Cube now disappear after a while
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where perfect guarding one attack made the shield auto-perfect all subsequent attacks until lowered