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    Essentially, a new, gimmicky mid-range 2-handed weapon category with more direct, frontal-focused horizontal range, but lacks the sweeping range of current 2h-weapons. Would have two different hitboxes, a "sweetspot" area, which deals increased damage if the enemy is hit within it, and a "deadarea" around the pole of the spear, which deals lowered damage to enemies if they connect with it.

    (crude paint skills incoming)
    Of course, they'd need more than this to stand out when it came to basic attacks, perhaps the first swing could be a string of weaker hits, followed by the second "backhand" swing being a hard stab? What do you guys think?

    The gimmicks of the weapon could extend to skills as well, allowing more unique effects exclusive to the weapon type for the skills, a few examples:

    Heroic Slam:
    Sweetspot and deadarea effects apply. Slightly more frontal range, final hit is a more "pinpoint" attack (requires more precision to get full damage).

    Sweetspot and deadarea effects apply. Enemies hit within the deadarea will not be flinched or knocked back and take less damage. Slightly slower movement speed on the gold charge, but increased AoE range overall.

    Titan's Throw:
    Does less damage at the point of impact but more damage while traveling. Spear essentially acts as a javelin. This includes the return trip of the gold charge, making this skill very powerful burst when used properly. Spear travels faster than sword throw, but has a narrower hitbox.

    Sweetspot and deadarea effects apply. Enemies hit within deadarea receive less knockback and damage, enemies within sweetspot area receive more knockback and damage. Very wide frontal AoE.

    Berserker Style:
    No change, its a buff after all.

    Of course, devs would be able to do anything with it, these are examples I came up with.
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