Weapon Swap Damage Bug

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Hamatthews, Mar 20, 2020.

  1. Hamatthews

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    I have been having a great deal of fun playing this game with a group of friends, but pretty much every session now we run into this familiar bug where my character starts doing 10 to 20 times the amount of damage they're supposed to be dealing with their melee attacks, going from 500 or so damage to over 9000 on a crit. In addition, my magic attacks start dealing a tiny fraction of their proper damage potential. This was novel at first, but it has really started to get in the way of playing the game the way I imagine it was intended to be played.

    I know this isn't the first time this issue has been reported, and from what I've read on other threads, it seems to be a result of frequent weapon switching. This would make sense, because out of my group of friends, this bug has only ever affected me, and I'm the only member of our group that has been going super try-hard in regard to switching to magic-focused weapons when casting spells, and physical weapons when using weapon skills. If that is in fact the cause of the glitch, I suppose the simple fix would be to stop swapping weapons, but I do think it adds an extra layer of complexity and fun to the game, and so I would very much like to see the bug fixed. In looking for info about this bug, I noticed all the other threads on the topic were from at least a few years ago, and so I was wondering if any new headway has been made toward resolving this issue.
  2. Teddy

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    Hey! Yeah this is an elusive one

    Can you list the spells and skills (including utility), potions etc that are being consistently used in these sessions? Also what talents do you use? I've been trying to recreate this bug a few times but never succeeded! I'm thinking perhaps there's some spell combination that's causing it?

    Also, are you playing as server or client?
  3. Hamatthews

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    Hello Teddy! So with my current setup, in terms of skills, I've been using Piercing Dash, Whirlslash, and Empower. For talents I have Multitasking, Strength, Combo Starter, and Sudden Strike. For a time I was using the blue damage buff potion, but for the most part I've just been using the healing potion. I've been swapping between the Carrot Sword and the Smashlight. In terms of overlap with my previous build where I had this same problem, I have always used Empower and Sudden Strike, I've used the Smashlight either physically or cosmetically, I have worn the chicken hat in my cosmetic hat slot, and I have been playing as client. As far as I'm aware, none of the members of my party have made dedicated use of any of these skills, talents, or items, except for maybe Empower, across our several uncompleted playthroughs. It is also worth pointing out that toward the end of our last campaign, I started using Winter's Bite, at which point I think I opted to stop switching between weapons because of its high melee and magic damage, and if I remember correctly I may have still been experiencing this issue after that, though I'll have to jump back onto multiplayer with that account to confirm or deny this.

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