Zelda-like MMORPG? SoG inspired!


Green Slime

I've been a follower and a fan of this project since early 2012, and have since been inspired by it to attempt something similar. For roughly half a year I've been developing an MMORPG that has comparable aspects to this game in terms of its PvE, crafting, and spell customization. While it's still very early and definitely not on the same level of Secrets of Grindea, I'd nonetheless appreciate any feedback!

Here's a trailer with some alpha footage. The following has been noted:

-- Too much screen shaking. Will be toned down!
-- We're running around like headless chickens a lot of the time because we don't have many spells programmed.

We're at the point where we have a lot complete: PvP modes (MOBA, guild castle sieges), crafting, quest foo (cutscenes / NPCs / various quest types), networking, a bunch of dungeons/enemies/bosses, and most menus.

I'd love to speak to the designers of Grindea and see what they think. Or any fans in general...!


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I think it looks very pretty, and is some impressive work for such a short time! :D

It's a bit tough judging gameplay from a pre-alpha video only, but it looks as if it could be a nice mix of classic MMO combat (target lock and caving in heads) with ARPG mechanics.

The one thing I'd point out is one of my #1 pet peeves in indie RPGs: lack of pre-cut text strings!

If you look at around 0:30 in the video, when Pluck is speaking, you can see the text filling the box to its width and then moving down the last word (elsewhere) as the text overflows. It might just be me but I find it quite jarring! The alternative, which I prefer, is that the text is cut up beforehand, so "elsewhere" in this case appears on its correct line from the first letter.

I'm curious btw, what do you mean by MMORPG? Do you intend to have your own server infrastructure for some official servers?

Anyways, it looks promising! Good luck with development :)


Green Slime
Thanks a bunch! :D That's awesome to hear.

Good call with the text strings... we'll be sure to clean that up.

And yes, by MMORPG I mean that we'll have official servers for large-scale multi-player. The engine we're using has built in networking and a recent addition of HTML5 support for browser play The games it has showcased aren't particularly great but you might want to check it out, since it's freed up a lot of time for our particular project: http://www.byond.com/developer/articles/whitepaper


The trailer looks great! I played some MMO's, they were about too much grinding or had boring and repetitive gameplay. I don't know about grinding, but gameplay of this one looks awesome! Also, I want to make my own MMORPG one day, how many of you are developing this game?