1. zing_br


    Hello! I have a translation for PT-BR, and a user reported that he has a problem with the trophy parts, I looked at the Translation Tool and I don't see any errors on my part, but, in game, it is really showing up wrong, I believe it is a bug in the game, is it possible to fix? Here are...
  2. T

    The missions are restarted but you don't lose lvl or items

    It's not always, but it happens, that when the game closes unexpectedly either alt F4 or turn off the PC runs the risk that the game will delete all missions or at least the completed and you return to the beginning , but does not erase your LVL, or your items, or anything, just delete the...
  3. N

    game can't open [solved]

    If you're on Windows 8 or 10; 1 - On your keyboard, press "Windows Key + X" 2 - You should see a menu 3 - Click on "Command Prompt (Admin)" 4 - In the window that popped out, type in there "/sfc scannow" without the "" 5 - Wait for the process to finish 6 - Restart your PC If you're on Windows...