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  1. zing_br

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    Hello! I have a translation for PT-BR, and a user reported that he has a problem with the trophy parts, I looked at the Translation Tool and I don't see any errors on my part, but, in game, it is really showing up wrong, I believe it is a bug in the game, is it possible to fix?
    Here are screenshots of the problem, which only happens when there is a gender of the character in the translation

    Sem título.png

    Sem título2.png
  2. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Hey! Looks like it's some issue in-game for sure! I'll have a look at it today
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  3. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    I've found the issue, and it will be fixed, but I made a mistake when branching the Stable build - which means I won't be able to patch this into the game until the next real Frontline patch (d'oh!) :(

    So you can either keep it in and it will display like that until the next patch (rightfully blame me if anyone complains!), or change it temporarily until the new content arrives!
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  4. zing_br

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    Got it. If it's the only way, I'll wait! Thanks for the feedback!

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