1. Peku

    More boss music would be great

    hello, I'm a player who really enjoy this games. but each time i play, i'm thinking that there is not enough boss music. All bosses are so great, they deserve a theme. So if you could gave them a theme, it would be great. if you cant, the game still great.
  2. Smallsplat

    Weapon Core Idea

    Idea Origins On some weapons currently in Secrets of Grindea, they have bonus stats that Buff up an ability. I love this idea, but these weapons become redundant. You end up having to trade away the cool extra ability to keep up with the games damage. This idea is an idea to try and fix that...
  3. F

    New Skill: Decisive Strikes

    Pretty simple idea. So far the Berserk skill appears to reward aggressive combat styles and increase the damage and attack speed if you sustain dps, but that is rather limited if not absurdly hard to maintain in a boss fight. So really it seems more like a farming tool rather than a boss tool...