1. Marioalexsan

    GrindScript modding tool

    GrindScript (GitHub) is a modding tool for Secrets of Grindea that is currently in development. If you ever felt like coding some new wacky enemies, or adding your own items to the game, or just doing a little bit of coding, you can try using the modding tool by downloading it from here...
  2. XxX_MLG Noob_XxX

    Make Shiidu a Real Shield :D

    This is just a silly gripe. It won't get added to the nullskillpointer exception series. But I have to request anyway. Y'all gotta make shiidu into a real physical shield! Even if he isn't accessible or usable by any normal means! He has a face when he's placed at home! And I'm sure he probably...
  3. XxX_MLG Noob_XxX

    Anyone Wanna Mod the Game?

    From what I've heard, I think a few people have been interested in being able to mod the game. Thanks to a certain someone, I had a breakthrough. And recently I have been able to do a few fun things here or there: make gold whirlslash stun enemies, ensure that enemies get burned if zerk is...