1. Peku

    More boss music would be great

    hello, I'm a player who really enjoy this games. but each time i play, i'm thinking that there is not enough boss music. All bosses are so great, they deserve a theme. So if you could gave them a theme, it would be great. if you cant, the game still great.
  2. S

    Just finished the story, have a suggestion regarding background music usage.

    So, I finally got around to playing the new story segment. Really liked the lost ship, and I love where the story went, and how serious it got. On that note, though, coming back to Evergrind to progress the story and having it's happy, upbeat music play while you're returning to Collector HQ...
  3. MaxDamage

    [Suggestion] Music settings in the Player House

    The base for my suggestion is that in the new player housing feature, it would be nice if you in the house settings area could change the music to different settings, but how it is unlocked could be some of the following ways: 1, Music is unlocked though the OST DLC 2, Music is unlocked from...
  4. Rebelboy

    Sound Bug

    I was doing Phaseman again through the trophy room. after some tries the backgroundmusic of the flying fortress wouldn't stop when going to another place. So I heard two backgroundmusics together. Doing Phaseman again fixed this bug however.