A F2Per paying for the first time


Green Slime
I'm a Free-2-Play only player, and when of course I sometimes play full priced games I prefer the trial/demo/free versions. I kind of like to limit myself and get everything possible out of the game. For instance, I have 73 days (73*24h) played in the starter version of World of Warcraft with a level limit of 20.

I've found Secrets of Grindea browsing game demos on Steam and decided to get out the most of the demo. After playing 4h of demo story mode (which, if you don't know, kind reader, ends at Exam for Demo players) and 2h of Arcade I've decided

I must buy this game.

The heart, the love, passion the Ferrets put into SoG is just incredible, all the talking with the fans, I have never seen this in a game before. It's something magical, and the 15 euro I've spent seem cheap for what we're getting. If only I had more money after buying all the christmas presents I'd decide to get some higher tier game cost, just to show my respect!

After 2 days I have 15 hours played on story mode, and still getting that completion %.
I simply love it.
It might be the love of "that game's new" but I hope I'll stay longer.

The G-Meister

Giga Slime
SoG is currently my highest played game on Steam. I've totalled 334 hours, and although about 20 of those will be AFK time, it's still my top, well above any other game like ARK: Survival Evolved (256) or Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (257). The only thing I've gotten more value for money out of (which I've paid for, otherwise Free Rider 2 would be the cheapest, seen as it's free) is Minecraft, and that tops the lot with roughly over 3000, approaching 4000 hours (although I got that when I had no idea about any other paid games, or Steam for that matter).

Basically, it's a great game... and I hardly even play much arcade mode. Arcade is where most people rack up the hours, but I will quite happily do a 100% completion run every 3 months or so. You've spent your money well, in my eyes anyway!

Welcome to the forum, seen as you're so passionate I'm sure any suggestions you make will be appreciated :D