Green Slime

It has been awhile since I have last played Secrets of Grindea, and I figured I would give it another shot since there has been so much new content compared to my last run of the game.

Coming from games like the Mana series, Dragon's Dogma, Divinity: Original Sin I & II, and The Elder Scrolls series among other games with similar mechanics, I have always wished we could have partners that would join us on our adventures—Companions that would have plenty of things to say about what's going on around them in addition to us being able to outfit and train them.

Here are a few examples of how these Companions could be found and recruited:
  • NPCs that we befriend in-game through an Affinity System—gifting NPCs things they favor the most (disliked, liked, and loved items), and fulfilling quests for them.
  • NPCs we save from a predicament that occurs dynamically and failure to save them is possible.
  • NPCs we meet as the story progresses.
  • A second character that we can create at some point in the game—beginning or middle of the game.

Companions created by the player would have the same skill and talent options as the protagonist, and Companions discovered in-game (the ones that are not created) could have unique trainable talents and skills only NPCs would possess—unique talents and skills that vary per NPC archetype; however, I suppose all Companions could have the same skills and talents as the protagonist to simplify things for the sake of gearing flexibility.

Companions that are dismissed simply wait and wander around town, until the protagonist gets a house where they can be found inside once it has been built, until the protagonist needs their help again.

If balance could be an issue, A.I. Companions can decline to join a party if Human Companions are present, but if this would not an issue of balance, A.I. Companions could fill the remaining spots that Human Companions did not fill. The player who created or recruited their Companion is the player who gets to control their actions (strategy such as defensive, offensive, balanced, et cetera), their gear, and their skills/talents.

This would be perfect for those who do not have friends with whom they could play this game, those who have friends that are not interested in these type of games, or those whose friends do enjoy these type of games but do not have the time to spare to play them—people who would rather have the company of A.I. rather than actual people as well.

That's about it, I believe. Thanks for reading thus far—if you did. ❦
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