Advice from a player who wants to collect all the items in the game


Green Slime
For a player like me who has already completed the main game progress and card collection, there is nothing more motivating to continue playing than to complete the collection in other linear missions in the game, but for side missions, I have to look at the map each time the incomplete collection of locations over and over again to search the clueless.
So if possible, can you add a side quest completion progress and unfinished side quest clues (such as "try to go to a location or talk to someone") in the map and the upper right corner area (lower priority than the main quest), as well as a highlighted judgment of loot dropped by monsters that haven't been captured yet.
In addition, can you display multiple task progress in the upper right corner at the same time? (Because I used to work on several tasks at once, only to find that some tasks were not completely completed and I had to go back to finish the unfinished tasks)