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Giga Slime
Seen as I've now got my channel up and running once again, I thought I'd give it a thread all of its own ^-^

Hey guys, it's me, it's G... your bog standard spotty teenager and welcome... to my channel! Here is where I'm gonna post Secrets of Grindea tips and tricks, funny moments, update videos and anything else anyone else requests if I think it's a good idea! Currently only two videos out, both of which are rather shoddy and I'm going to improve on when I get a proper episode out (that is, one that I put some effort into! :p). Go here to find out more:


I'll update this thread every month or so with all the videos I've uploaded, to avoid too much self-promotion :D

To kick things off: Happy birthday @Own, here's that Multiplayer vid you wanted :p


The G-Meister

Giga Slime
Ah yeah, I thought there was a quality issue with it, but it turned out fine, and then I forgot to turn off the privacy! Thanks for reminding me >_<

[edit]: better?


Some people might see this as a bug.

I consider it an amazing feature. :D I haven't had quite that much fun anywhere else in Story Mode, the endless barrage was fantastic. I just wish there were other rooms that behaved this way.