[Arcade mode] Some things that are a little unbalanced

As someone who has been enjoying SoG for a few years now I’ve noticed that gameplay has always been a hard but fair kind of fun, which is something that I love and respect when devs manage to walk that line, but there are a few things in the harder difficulties of arcade mode that don’t adhere to this rule, and it ruins the fun

1) spawn attacking - when in red rooms (where multiple enemies spawn) enemies that spawn can attack too quickly. I can think of at least three separate instances where I killed an enemy in one wave, then an enemy in the next wave spawns and kills me before my character finishes swinging. I think a good solution would for them to not attack for a half second after spawning, and in turn be invulnerable in this moment to prevent killing them before they can attack.

2) attack speed of bees, brawlers and those FU€%&$?!¿%#<\~£•$&785¥3œING RABBYS!!! Takes a few seconds to calm down in the corner - remember how the rabbys used to attack rapidly like that and it was changed because everyone agreed that those F$&@!s were cheap? Why wtf the fragrance did you bring that back!? for real though, if any of these guys break a shield or a barrier they are guaranteed a free hit with nothing you can do, and if they hit you otherwise chances are they get to hit you again, especially if you’re dealing with other monsters at the moment. I understand that it’s supposed to be difficult, but it isn’t difficulty when there’s nothing you can do.

3) Treasure treat - this is a smaller detail, but with half the floors this treat is half as useful, it might be nice to give it a bump to offset the nerf, either by making it cheaper or giving more than one chest per floor

4) don’t get hit challenges - I’ve seen this mentioned before but I think it’s worth repeating. The amount of damage taken in these challenges is minimal, Usually 1-5. This really doesn’t change anything in your next fight but it robs you of a potion for a really small amount. Changing it so these challenges deal 0 damage would be appreciated

5) growing thorns - sometimes it’s hard to see the sprouts, but it’s impossible when they’re behind something like the player or the trees. Now it would be nice if we just agreed to not have thorns grow near the player or at the edges of the arena where canopies of trees hide them, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, sprouts could spawn with a little flash that goes through everything, even the player, that way there would be a bit of warning that where you’re standing is about to be sharp

6) max health orbs - imagine this scenario; you’ve just beaten the pumpkin woods and you’re a little scratched up, so a health orb has spawned but you want to save it, as it would be a waste now. You go through the Flying Fortress and do pretty well when a bishop appears. You accept the challenge of double enemies and win without issue. The bishop appears... and gives you a health orb. You take it and beat the rest of the fortress unscathed and at max health... but there’s still a health orb back at the beginning. Well ain’t that a kick in the teeth? You missed out on some great loot that you would have gotten if you just took the orb but instead you get nothing for your hard work. Basically what I’m asking for is a way to convert health orbs into potions so I don’t waste them.

And that’s the lot! By the way, I’m loving the pins! They really spice up my runs! Go team! Do the thing!