[Chinese](Direct Translation) - Help us if you're interested!


Green Slime
Greetings everyone!
I started a translation project days before, and recently some of my friends hopped in to speed up the translation. Now we need your help, as you know Chinese, the Eastern Asian characters, has a lot of differences between Latin-based characters, and we'll meet more difficulties and troubles when doing the localization. We believe more people helping equals more power for making progress. So, if you know both Chinese and English, I'd like to invite you to join us.

To join us is easy. Simply get QQ, the IM tool and register an account. And then look for QQ group with following number: 243413205, and remember to leave a message to indicate you're there for SoG's localization. If you don't feel like to use this, it's fine. I'm also on the official IRC channel at #secretsofgrindea @ Quakenet, I'm online for 24/7, you can query me there with "/query Zesty" command, I'll reply you as soon as I see the query. Also I accept Skype, my Skype account is: zestybaby.

Here's our progress:

Dialogue (Updated at 2015-7-22): Restarting.

Misc (Updated at 2015-7-22): Restarting.
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