Controller Mapping/Keybinding


Green Slime
Hi! I was wondering if it would be possible to add a button binding menu for controllers.

I use a gamecube controller (I know it's old and outdated lol) and would like to continue using it to play Grindea. However, because it has very limited amounts of buttons, it makes it quite difficult to map certain buttons to a function.
(Twilight Shift is impossible to map onto the gamecube controller; Cannot be bound to Tab, which is the z button on gamecube controller)

I know this is just a one off for this controller specifically, but was wondering if there was a page you could set up buttons for all controller setups, that would be nice for the xbox folk that want to rebind their attack and shield buttons without having to change the keyboard bindings of attack and shield.

It would be nice to have one layout for my controller without messing around with the keybinds on my keyboard. Thank you!