[Crash] Crashing bug with the new Vilya boss battle patch


Green Slime
So I had just defeated the black ferrets (the new ones from the new patch) and had finished snooping around in Master Ivy's office, and because I often like seeing if I can break games in the stupidest of ways I decided to use the teleport plates to teleport to the city, I returned and the festival was over and It said I had completed the festival quest (I had not) so I went into the Collector's HQ and found I could walk through the doors to Master Ivy's office, I then returned outside the HQ and found the festival was still going on, then I discovered if I spoke to anyone with quest-related dialogue the game would crash.

If I went into the lab I would find the Master Ivy snooping cutscene, when that's finished the game tells me to collect baking soda, there is an exclamation mark on the table, but no baking soda leaving me trapped in the lab. I hope this report helps and good luck with making your game!

EDIT: this was in the frontline beta so ya' know