Feedback on 2H weapons


Green Slime
I've been playing through story with a 2H build this time, my third time through after playing a 1H character with Shadow Clone/Piercing Dash/Flurry the first time, and a magic user with Insect Swarm and Cloud Strike the second time. I always wanted to do a 2H build because the weapons and skills are fun.

My concern at this point, as I just passed Tai Ming, is that 2H damage doesn't seem to scale as well as one would expect, considering the relative slowness of dealing damage and lack of mobility skills compared to 1H. Titan Throw, for one, I find myself using less and less even though I have it Gold Charge. I might respec out of it to try Gold Heroic Slam. Titan Throw is a fun ability and it's helpful to have a ranged attack, but it just doesn't do enough damage at this point to be worth not having my weapon for a second, having to stand immobile for a second while I charge it, etc.

I also use Heroic Slam and Whirl Slash and perfect guarding and this seems to work better at this point. But nothing really compares to the ease of flying around the screen with my 1H character, hitting enemies like 4 times per second and interrupting attacks.

I'm not sure what 2H needs but it just feels like it doesn't do more damage than a 1H build, so what's the point? Although I still think it is a fun playstyle.