Final Skills - What would YOU like to see?


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(...) Protect actually forming a major mitigation barrier, and at the gold charge immunity to damage for the first couple seconds of the buff. Haste not being a buff that makes you say, "Well... I think I may be swinging a little faster... maybe..." and instead, "Holy WOW! I am so fast right now!" for a couple seconds when you really need it, like when the boss gives you an open window.

I like the idea of Protect actually creating a shield that absorbs damage., something about 100+0,2*m.att. Would be cool if it could proc a stun/reflect on hit as well.

For Haste I'd like to also have increased movement speed, maybe able to charge, cast and attack while running (without having animations cancel your momentum).

I'd like to see Chain Lightning to receive more decent upgrades. I think it's too weak in general (the dps output sucks) though due to it's auto-focus it's really nice (as well as one of the only options for casters) to improve your momentum. I'd like to see it getting buffed on damage as well as having a proc on 'Electrified' decrease Movement and Attack Speed by 100% and gradually regain it over 1 seconds as well as increasing damage on 'Electrified' targets by 10%

For Frost Nova I'd like it to have a more Frosty Wind effect.
Though, Frost Nova needs to be reworked to Become more like Frosty Winds with way more AoE and duration (trading damage in return, obviously).

This would enhance it's crowd control. On Final Charge this would be another added effect on top of it's current effects.

Replying on some posts about Shadow Clone:

Just giving my contribution to the skills I tend to use the most...
Shadow Clone: Your shadows gain some sentience and don't need to follow you (range as the Cloud) and strikes enemies near you, but deal the same damage as 'normal' (40%/20% or upgraded to 50%/25%).

This would actually decrease the effectiveness of Shadow Clone dramatically, as cool as it may sound.

Shadow Clone - Clones deal 25 (+skill lvl/2) % of your base damage. Visually, make the shadowy aura more prominent and dramatic on idle/attacking respectively.

I think Shadow Clone is strong enough, it doesn't need buffing. I would find it awesome if it would receive a cooler animation on final rank :D!
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one thing that belongs in the support skills are some toggle-able auras

Diverge Aura: (takes 10 energy while active)

- when an ally is struck on screen take (after armor) 18%(+2% per level point in this skill) of the damage
Bronze Level- this damage will never be fatal (never reduce your hp below 1)
Silver Level- gain 0.5% of max hp regen for every ally in battle (buff lasts 3 seconds and is added to aura owner when an ally is struck (each player can give aura owner 1 stack))
Gold Level- allys gain 15% of the aura owners Def

Return Aura: (takes 10 energy while active)
- when you or an ally takes damage that enamy takes ((1.5xdef)+4 per point put in this skill)
Bronze Level- enemy's have a 15%(5% if humanoid boss) chance to be stunned for 1 second when they attack a ally under the effects of Return
Silver Level-can now critical strike(crit chance is based on half your crit chance)
Gold Level- blocking an attack with this aura gains 50% damage while perfect blocking triples the damage

Hunger Aura: (takes 10 energy while active)

-when an ally damages an enemy heal for (5% 0.5%+ per point put into this skill) of the damage done to that enemy
Bronze Level- allys heal for 1% of damage you do and 1% damage they do
Silver Level-when full on hp gain stack of over heal when at 10 stacks pop out a healing orb launched at the lowest health ally(stack are added when you would have been healed for 2% of your max hp)
Gold Level- allys gain 20% attack speed and 20% casting speed the aura owner is below 50% hp
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I've missed some offensive "energy"('Chi/Ki' spiritual stuff) skills in this game... the animations are soo good, that if I had such developers' abilities I would create tons of offensive skills. And items... and quests... and everything(LOL).

I've been imagining some kind of magic + sword skills, like:

Bronze Charge - Character would invoke energy orbs around him, that you could release against the enemies while slashing then, by pressing the respective hotkey once more(orbs would be shot at the enemy -it would follow a straight line with considerably limited range- separately, by each pressing of the hotkey).
Silver Charge - Increased damage, and maybe 2~3 more orbs to be invoked, then you have the power to release them one by one, or all at once(by pressing and holding the respective hotkey) with calculated strength based on the number of orbs you had.
Gold Charge - Increased damage, maybe more orbs(?), but then while holding the hotkey, the summoned orbs would be gathered into your sword and you would release a nice finishing blow or combo with calculated strength based on the number of orbs you had.

I've realized that there are some basic Swordsman + Magic Talents, so I really find nice if there were more Elemental/Magic Swordsman-like offensive skills... you know, if you can learn Sword skills and Fire spells, maybe it should have another skill tree called Fire-Sword(Water/Ice-Sword etc). I also missed Wind spells in this game(instead of only Nature or Lightning spells). Then you could learn Wind-Sword skills, for example: Air Slash(very cliché, but I love it --even more, considerating the high quality level of the animations found in this game). I'm also a fan of Earth-based skills, and there's only 1 in this game :( not to mention that I'm fan of Archer as well, so I've missed Bow skills a lot...

I also think that the Gold Charge of Fireball skill should have a better Phoenix, you know... swinging it's wings, at least. So many ideas XD

PS: I know you guys are few, and are absolutely busy already, but I can't resist giving my thoughts of this great game :p
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I'd like to see some healing abilities in the game, that way the party isn't relying on spotty orb drops to heal. Maybe something like a Lay-On-Hands where the caster has to be within melee range for the spell to cast, and higher-tier casts increase the range and health restored. That, or a full group heal that takes up a lot of EP but heals every group member for a chunk of HP.

There was healing in the game, but it was removed due to the fact that you can simply heal after battles and thus always face every challenge with full health, like in FFXIII. They realized that they wanted damage to have actual impact, so they removed healing.


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Final Skill for Meteor, many meteors coming from everywhere landing close to your targeted place like Meteor Storm in the Tales of titles. OP SPELL !


I'll contribute to the two skills i've used the most.

Heroic Slam:
So far:
Bronze Charge: 1 attack
Silver Charge: 2 attacks
Gold Charge: ~6 attacks
Final Charge: Bring 2H back to its base, 1 attack. Increase the scaling of the skill to allow for very large critical hits. The 1 attack instead of 6 will allow for a smaller range of damage (5 less attacks are 5 less chances at critical hits).

Frosty Friend:
Bronze Charge: Little snowball attacker
Silver Charge: Little snowball attacker has grown arms/grown, can "enrage" itself.
Gold Charge: Little snowball on a powerlifter diet, can smash ground.
Final Charge: Slam can be repeated more often to the point of being an attack, increased size/damage/health. Slowed movement speed.
Edit: Well since the automatic media program removes any way to add when the youtube video begins, look at 6:20 of the video to get an idea what the golems are like.
Since its a snow golem, Frosty Friend could also be partially turning into ice to become "more effective".

Frosty Friend suggestion was mainly because of Nostalgia.


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Shadow clones at gold charge should also do 30% to 60%. of skill damage. Not with summons or flamethrower, but make Shadow clones useful with mages and melee skills. One thing a fellow gamer has suggested is a Archer based skills, have arrows cost EP per shot instead of arrows [item], or have an archer class with a boosted arrow drop [for the archer only]. I would like to see in the Support tab in skills, either offence or passive, A elemental charge on weapons. or redesign the Static touch to Elemental touch, and have it be Electric when activated and swappable to other elements. When you add enemies resistances and weaknesses, a melee user would be able to attack these weaknesses with elemental damage. I know this next part is slightly off topic but EP, needs a slight boost. make the starting ep about 50 and add a few points per level and have the EP passive skill add .5 EP to 1.5 EP per level. This way mages are able to hold their own in a fight during a grind or boss fight. i'll add more on this later, but these are a few items.


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I'd really like it if the Shadow Clones would remain but the dark purple glow/aura would be removed.
It ruins the goofiness of a character.


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One thing that would make the ASPD buff of Haste more noticeable would be the ability to auto-fire normal attacks for its gold rank duration by holding the attack button. On regular foes the sheer knockback would interfere with DPS and lead to wasted hits and some immobility, but you'd burst down bosses so hilariously quickly it'd be worth it. WALL OF DEATH


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Two Handed Skills

-Berserker Style-
Character additionally becomes a giant (50% increase in size), thus also having 50% more reach.

-Titan's Throw-
You now throw yourself to your sword on re-activation, dealing massive damage to anything in the way.

Every enemy hit now rebounds up to 3 times.

Leaves damaging tornadoes in your wake while spinning

-Heroic Slam-
Comboing into any other skill now gives full charges for that skill (SMASH?!)


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Fire + Ice

Increases size by 200%

-Flame Thrower-
Activates Afterburner, drastically increasing movement speed while spewing flames

-Ice Spikes-
Creates an additional 2 diagonal spikes

-Ice Nova-
Explodes after a delay, sending ice shards flying into all directions

-Frosty Friend-
Whenever you cast another ice spell, Frosty also casts the same spell centered on him


Not sure if suggestions for haste have been made, but I think either increased movement speed (probably OP) or a slow aura around the player that shrinks over time would be interesting.


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Shadow Clone:

Adds another clone
Increases damage
All clones wear orange jumpsuits and shout "Dattebayo" occasionally



You can put more skill points into this
than other skills (Explosion only build)

Massive aoe dmg
Costs player's max EP no matter what charge
Silver/Gold Burning debuff on enemies/Burning ground

After casting you are affected with a slow or EP regen debuff where you won't regen for a while

Becomes weaker by x% for every other skill you have (and other players)


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for the current passive skill shield, i have some gold charge suggestion:
Shield 1: gain bonus protection to you and your allies, additionally when your HP reaches zero, the caster's mana becomes extra health points, (so a mage can shield an allies draining his mana, not theirs)
Shield 2: protection for you and your allies while the spell is active, but blocks some mana.

Additionally, i have a suggestion for a Offensive skill, in the Support category
Blink: an aimed teleport to a location, works similar meteor or earth spike
At higher levels, increase range and charge speed
at bronze charge level, briefly stun/daze nearby enemies in a small area for a small duration at the target point
at silver charge level, stun enemies for longer, knocking them back at the target point
at gold charge level, stun enemies, knock them back causing a shock-wave. in a much larger area
Note: blink does no damage (maybe at gold level?)


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I think the idea of a big fire
Ball followed by smaller fireballs at a final skill is a great idea, but I think it should be the other way around,
Small rapid-fire balls coming first followed by a crazy larger ball - that way it's more dragon-ball-z style, the player powering up as they strike with fury.
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i guess i am l8 by 3 years ;P but recently i had this idea of the "final" moves as u call them here. Well my idea was of calling them G-moves similar to the pokemon equivalent of Z-moves, When I will make the actual post 1 day i will send here the link to it but for me it wont be a simple chargeable that u hold for a bit longer , no no no I am thinking of something more concrete - something like investing a lot more gold and simple points , well more about my idea of how it should work will be in the post , you can expect me to release it this week, meanwhile please take a look at my post about nerfing frost nova (at least gold level)


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I know everything else they had planned are implemented at this point, but I was thinking of some endgame new skills AND legendary/relic weapons of some sorts which would give the character one or a couple unique attack/buff skills while equipped, and would have some nice normal swing animation. The skill animations should be as cool as the other skills. Of course I'll always be hoping for new skills in this game because the sprites are way too cool and I love the battle gameplay. I don't think they'll ever implement bow skills as it's a secondary weapon, but as someone who loves archer class, I'll always hope for that at some point too, along with different types of arrow projectiles. Also, I was thinking of fist skills, for those who wants more of a challenge. The fists could have it's own skill page, like 5 skills of fist + fire, fist + water, fist + earth, fist + wind and fist + chi OR just one skill with each element and one with chi(5 skills total).


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I don't think they'll ever implement bow skills as it's a secondary weapon, but as someone who loves archer class, I'll always hope for that at some point too, along with different types of arrow projectiles.
It would be cool if they added a skill for bows like in Fablе (Summons ghostly arrows that fly at the enemy you hit. And improving the skill will increase the damage and the number of arrows).