Forum Ranks

I've noticed that getting posts does indeed grow a rank on this forum.
Most people are either Moderators (with custom ranks) or Green Slimes/Rabby's.
Could the devs spill the amount of Posts there are for each rank? or are those secret?


Staff member
You don't gain ranks based on the exact number of posts, but more often "good" they are. There's a system called 'trophy-points' where you gain points for doing various things or getting various feedback. Here are some ways to gain trophy points right now.

As for the amount of trophy points you need per rank:
Slime - 0
Rabby - 5
Boar - 10
Halloweed - 20
Jumpkin - 30
Giga Slime - 40
Snowbacca - 50

We have just added a couple of ranks and lowered the amount of points needed so it's better balanced compared to the number of users and trophy points available. We'll add more ways of getting trophy points later as well :)


Green Slime
Of larger concern to myself is that the archaic Times New Roman font is set as the default. Just by typing with TNR, I get all nostalgic and yearn for a simpler time prior to the hustle and bustle of the 21st century. Tahoma would be my default of choice, as it's modern, streamlined and downright sexy =)