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Sure, I'll post the ones I've got left over. I hope we're able to edit these lists afterwards, though.
They're mostly Desura keys though, since I don't use Desura a whole lot.

Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle (Frozen Synapse, Spacechem, TRAUMA)
Humble Frozenbyte Bundle (Shadowgrounds+Survivor, Splot, Trine, Jack Claw)
Humble Introversion Bundle (Uplink, Darwinia, DEFCON, Multiwinia)
Dungeons of Dredmor (+ Crayon Physics Deluxe)

Orcs Must Die! GOTY
Orcs must die? :)


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I have some unredeemed Humble Bundle Codes
So if you want any of the following games, you can say so and i'll gift them. (i only have a single copy per game )
You need Steam/Steamaccount and a Humble Bundle Account (which are both free)

Steam Games:
- Outlast
- Lumino City -> 2 keys
- Hitman Absolution -> 2 keys || 1 for the main game and 1 for the elite Edition
- Costume Quest
- Hack 'n' Slash + Soundtrack
- Hard Reset Extended Edition
- Resident Evil 5
- Poker Night at the Inventory
- The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II
- Contraption Maker
- Eldritch
- PixelJunk Eden
- Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians
- Tiny & Big in Grandpa's Leftovers
- Type:Rider
- Puzzle Agent

OUYA: (no joke)

- Broken Age

If you want want you can post gifts too if you have some unredeemed game keys

EDIT: Updated on 3rd of March 2016
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Wow, you are really kind for giving these games to anyone. Kinda surprised people haven't taken most big games as soon as possible. If it is alright with you, I'd like the Stronghold Collection + Mafia 2 and I hope you don't see this as TOO greedy, but me also getting Mass Effect 2 would be great. If you want to add me on Steam: Sedrio is my handle. My avatar is a picture of a Borderlands 2 robot.

Thanks again!


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I would love to get Sunless Sea and Risen, if it possible :3

And if there anyone form CIS (Steam restrictions :/) - i can give them Broforce.

P.S. CIS - Commonwealth of Independent States = СНГ - Содружество Независимых Государств.


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Hey, I actually feel really bad for asking for more games, but could I grab a Hitman Absolution: Elite key? It's not for me but for my brother. I bought the Elite edition for myself on Christmas but he himself only bought a few indie games. Thought I'd grab this one for him seeing as I'm given the chance.

He doesn't play Secrets of Grindea so there's no chance he'll just make a random account here. And I don't know if it will mean anything but here's a screenshot of my Library. Just to show you that I'm not hogging it for myself.

It would mean a lot if I could grab that key. Thanks again!