[Gameplay?] Marino's HP in multiplayer is unchanged, or far too low?


I can't see the HP values so I don't know for sure, but it seems like Marino dies ridiculously more quickly in 3-4 player co-op than he does in 1 or 2 player co-op. I'm not sure if it's not scaling upwards or what, but he always dies before he can even get one of his super attacks off - which seems very wrong.

What's his HP for 1P, 2P, 3P and 4P? Is it set to scale well?

Also, completely unrelated, but I think he should at least have one HP-trigger-% for his super attack. Beating a boss without seeing all it's attacks is so sad. :p Some people never even see Winter's ice maze, or Phaseman's green orb (though I think that's getting fixed with damage-taken-per-phase teleports?). I think his ice maze ought to trigger when he hits like 15-25% HP, if it hasn't been used already in the fight.


Marino was always a pathetically easy boss in co-op, who died in record time before he could even do his first super attack.

He starts the battle with 1/5 HP. So anyone who has ever fought him in co-op in Story Mode has had a good boss battle robbed from them. :(



Wait... what? Is the Marino-has-too-little-HP-in-co-op bug different from what's going on in these videos?

Bossling starts battle with 1/5 HP, Living Rune Block starts battle with 1/2 HP.

The hell is going on here? o_O

Also... "Oooooh"? Am I missing something? :p


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It seems that I made the same mistake with all the minibosses between the Flying Fortress and Temple of Seasons, except for the Toy Machine!

What I've done is basically to scale the MaxHP without healing the boss afterwards, creating the crippled versions you see in that video.

The "oooooh" was just because I've occasionally heard Marino being referred to as a complete pushover, and yet I've seen him beat up people on streams and LPs. With this it now makes perfect sense :D
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