[Gameplay] Practicaly unlimited HP and EP?

Varying Chimera

Green Slime
The other day a friend told me of the /respec command, which refunds all skill points. I decided to use it, having a bit of a difficult time with a poor spread of points in combat skills and being too lazy to grind for the gold to refund points manually.

In the Talents > General section, there's two Talents: Tenacious (+2% HP per Talent level 5 max) and Endurance (+3 EP per Talent level 5 max). Putting points into either of these, then using the /respec command will give you the points spent on them back, but you will keep their bonuses (i.e., with no other EP modifications, you can use the /respec command and put a point or more into Endurance, then rinse and repeat for a high EP cap while at low level).

This only lasts until the player stops using the character one way or another, whether it's by saving and quitting via the menu, their client closes for whatever reason, or the host of their co-op game exits.