[German] - sign in for the german translation team :D

Greetings fellow grinders,

We all love this game and "soon" we have the chance to help the DEV-Team out with Translating the game into german.

So i thought before everyone does some solo action we may gather and build a small team of people sitting in an skype call to translate the game together.

I think if we are going as a team the result should be much better.

If you are interrested in joining my translation team, just add me @ skype :gamersoul17

Best Wishes



i hope there isnt too meny trolls, there were ton in minecraft transaltions

and german is propley one of the more populer ones to be greefed


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I think we all are fan enough to not do anything stupid and if some trolls might be there someday we still can make the translations team a closed group and restrict access to the tools.
But i actually think that won't be necessary.