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I'll try to keep this thread updated with every patch, detailing how to currently get 100 % completion!

This is obviously full of spoilers so don't read unless that last % is really causing an itch in you!

Current patch: 0.650

Items (Including all the fishes)

You must get everything all enemies drop! Go into your in-game menu and check the Enemy Codex (found under journal) to see if you're missing any drops.

Green Fishie

Vampire Fish
Ghost Fishie
Zombie Fish
Dead Fish

Ice Fish
Fish Stick
Snow Fish


You must find all the cards! All regularly spawning enemies drop cards. Go into the Card Album in your journal to see which you're missing (well, kind of)!


You need to unlock all trophies found under Trophies in your journal.


There are currently 22 quests (including main quests) that can be completed in the game! These are:

Slime & Ring - Bella, Evergrind City
For Old Times - Mrs. Pidgy, Evergrind City
Chicken Chaser - Nysbruden, Startington
Pumpkin Inspection - Remedi (Alchemist), Evergrind City, after Flying Fortress
Cooking Witch Candy - Candy, Pumpkin Woods
Chicken Savior - Chika, West Evergrind Fields
Birthday Dinner - Anita, Seasonne
The Goblin Grinch - Santa, Seasonne
Split The Bill - Santa, Seasonne
Faerly Brave - Winato, Santa Fae (after Temple of Seasons)
Pet Detective - Mt Bloom
Steve Gets Fired - Mt Bloom (after Lurifix arc)
Crystal Clear - Mt Bloom

+ 9 main quests, up until the quest "A Matter of Time" (which cannot be completed)


Some secrets (not quite all) counts towards completion %! These are the ones that do:

Carrot Stump in Evergrind Fields South
Arrow Cave in Evergrind Fields South
Puzzle Cave in Pumpkin Woods
Glockenspiel Puzzle in Seasonne
Living Block Puzzle in Seasonne
Root Bridge Chest in Temple of Seasons
Water Puzzle Chest in Temple of Seasons
The three optional chests in the Bouncing Ray Research Facility (Mt Bloom Main Quest)
All six chests in the Trick Phase Bonus Challenge (Mt Bloom Optional Puzzles)
Poison Obstacle Chest in Mt Bloom (the poison filled corridor with huge crystals)

Treasure Maps

Uncover all treasure maps sold by Simon in Evergrind City, plus the one found in the Pumpkin Woods graveyard! (8 total)


Find all pets that can be caught playing only Story Mode, which are:

Green Slime (Oak, West Evergrind Fields)
Rabby (Oak, West Evergrind Fields)
Jumpkin (Candy, Pumpkin Woods)
Gift (using gift band from chest in Seasonne)
Chicken (from quest in Mt Bloom)


Craft everything! If you've gotten at least one of each drop, all recipes will be visible to you.

Arena Challenges

You need to get an S-rank on both arena challenges (Gauntlet and Furious Giga Slime).
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I'm missing one last thing, I think. On the map screen it shows 5/6 but i'm not sure what that is referring to. Pets? I already have 6 from earlier updates


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If it's the cat-icon it is pets, and that's not counting the bee pet since it's actually an Arcade Mode reward!

Note to self: maybe I should change it so bee owners has see the maximum as 7, while non-bee owners still see it as 6. It is understandably confusing for bee pet owners that their bee does not count...
Evergrind city is 8/9 red question Mark's and southern ever grindfield is 5 out of 6. What could I be missing
For southern field you might be missing the shirt found in the woods between the archery range and the city, it’s also possible now to get the chest on the right side of the mansion.

For the city it might be a buried treasure in the park, completing the arena, maybe the girl in the grove next to the dojo looking for her ring?


Green Slime
I'm stuck at 99% with 9/10 secrets found in tai ming. What could I be missing? (i have the purple kimono, and already talked to the archiolegist)


Have you freed the shield from its prison?

Have you given the rum bottle to Bran Di?

Have you slid the runeblock onto the rune tile in the boss room?