Green Slime
Hello! I'm Luther, and I just recently picked up this game from Steam. Mostly joined up on the forums to see progress on the game and report any bugs or suggestions, since I've been told that it's better to post here than on the Steam forums :p

Also I just want to say that I love the soundtrack in this game so far, any chance that we're gonna be able to buy and download it at some point? *w*


Friendly Moderator (Formerly known as GoodStuff)
Hey! Welcome to the forum. :D
You get a download for the soundtrack when you buy the Jumpkin Tier or any of the higher tiers. I don't know if there will be a seperate option for the soundtrack but I would assume that that could be easily added as a DLC option on steam once the game is released. :p
Hey Luther, welcome to the forum and thanks for the kind words about the soundtrack!

GoodStuff is right about the Jumpkin Teir+ being the only way to get the soundtrack right now, but there will be ways to buy the soundtrack on its own eventually. Hopefully sooner than later!