Hello everybody

The G-Meister

Giga Slime
Welcome to the forums! :D

This is the off topic section, which is generally used for chit-chat and topics not related to the game. So we can keep things organised, I would suggest you leave ideas in the Suggestions and Feedback forum. That way anyone wanting to discuss ideas knows where to look. We wouldn't want your suggestions being forgotten down here!

Then again, I'm assuming you are talking about the game when you say "views and ideas". If you meant politics, by all means, fire away!

There's an article in the spoiler below which contains a few tips and tricks for navigating and using the forums in case you're interested.


Green Slime
Welcome to the forums! We hope you have a great time here. Feel free to let us know if you ever need help as I am sure someone around here will be kind enough to help.

And for joining the Grindea forums, us green slime will deal 1 less point of damage to you in the game!

Not really, please don't kill me. :)

--Green Slime