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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Moor Oakheart, Jan 20, 2020.

  1. Moor Oakheart

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    Hi, guys! I am new here. The name's Moor al-Malik. You can call me Moor, al-Malik, or any other name that might fits me.

    So... yeah, I found Secrets of Grindea because I am a fan of a game, called CrossCode, and Secrets of Grindea is kinda like it.

    So, here's the story, I saw a talking bag in CrossCode (which is weird for a game like it), in a village on the mountain (I forgot the name). So, I search what the heck it is. I search the internet, I browse similar game, and try to play it one by one. Then I found Secrets of Grindea, which has the talking bag character. At first, I think it is just a coincidence. But when I play it until I played in an area called Tai Ming, I found a character similar to the main character in CrossCode, Lea, but here, her name is Nolea, and here, she is an android not an AI like in CrossCode. Then wow! I think this ain't a coincidence anymore. Maybe both game has a relation with each other. From there, my interest and love of both game increase. I really like this game, and can't wait to see its full release.

    And... that's my introduction and the story of how I found this game. Bye for now! See you guys soon!
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  2. xEleaa

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    Welcome! And glad you enjoy it. It's a fun game =) and it's not a coincidence the dev's of both did do it on purpose :p
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  3. Moor Oakheart

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    Thanks for the warm welcome! :)
    Yeah! Things on both game are really exciting! Especially, the cross-game easter egg!

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