I totally haven't put this off at all...


Green Slime
So, as you all have probably guessed, I play this game called Secrets of Grindea and other games. I'll probably lurk for the most part, but these forums aren't too active compared to my old now dead communities, so IDK what lurking is considered from the post rates I've seen.

Things I've done:
-I've been a staff member in a Terraria server, and a semi-staff member in another
-Pumped 2k hours in Terraria
-100% completed SoG story mode up to Mt. Bloom
-Got accepted into college and will be attending soonish (so even less activity from me)
-Vaporized a dude and his buddy's leg in a tabletop roleplay game with an anti-tank rifle

I respect the rules blah blah blah, I know the general forum etiquette blip blop bloop, yadda yadda yadda.

Please nu hate me, I only here to gibe hug. :)