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This is sorta an MMO RPG, right? In that case, I want a group! Yep, I'm recruiting to find awesome people to play with me. But are you awesome enough? I use one handed and fire magic. So I want a supporter, a two handed, and a mage. I'm 14 btw (though idc what age you are, it's just that right now I only have a skype and my mom would be suspicious if I were seen talking to grown people on skype but instead of skype, we can just talk to each other through the game anyway). If you're interested, you can follow me through this forum. Is there anyway we can send each other private messages through here? Or should I just create a steam account?

EDIT #2: I have a steam now! Username is heedlesskid. Add me.
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Well, it's an MMORPG without the MMO part, seen as it's more oriented around player to player connection. Anyway, see that "Inbox" button in the top right? You can send private messages from there, but only have up to 5 people in a conversation I believe. If you click the "Start a New Conversation" button, you can add anyone who decides they want to join! :p

Connection through Steam removes so much of the hassle from connecting - I'd highly recommend it. Also makes it much easier to add friends and if you want you can even start your own group there, for people to join.


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The game has co-op but there is no massive server where you can connect and see other players that are also playing the game. You can play in a group with up to 4 players on one client hosted server (hosted by one of the 4 players). As Mr G said: connecting through steam is suuper easy and IMO it's the best solution if you want to play with others. I'd say that you only avoid using steam if you really don't want to or can't use it for some reason. :p


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I'll be interested in possibly joining you. Just send me your steam name and we can get going if you so desire.

My steam name is "heedlesskid". I've never actually used steam before and I have yet to download the steam version of the game, so it won't let me change my connection type to steam.


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If you're wanting to play I'd be more than happy too. I've been playing it on and off for the past couple of days but I know what I'm doing. My steam name is either [Xetro] or [Mixmillions] (I have no idea which one it is. xD)
Anyways, I'm 13 yet good at games. Add me if you're interested.