Local co-op on 2 computers?

Discussion in 'Co-Op & Matchmaking' started by SwimmingBird, Jun 28, 2014.

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    Nice! That's a classic fix so I feel a little ashamed that I didn't think of it earlier. :( I hope you'll have a fun time with your son. :D
  2. terry davids

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    I am ashamed i didn't either. We played four hours in a row and had a blast, love this game.
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  3. Tibbysan

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    I still hope that this will be a thing! <3
  4. Tadpole

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    I Just bought this game, and I was really looking forward to playing it in multiplayer. I knew that local co-op wasn't supported, but then I did some research this morning I found this post here. I'm glad I found it, because this made me buy the game finally.

    I just wanted to say that I agree with Tibbisan, I hope that the menu will offer access to local co-op natively later, not just via an official "hidden hack". But meanwhile, the "hidden hack" works just fine. The only problem I spotted is that, in my monitor is impossible to play two instances of the game with windows 2x the original size, and the original size is just to much work for the eyes. It's tough to read and just too small. It would be nice if there was a more flexible option for windowed resolutions, because the native original windowed resolution of the game gives me just too much unused space on my desktop, I could definitely make my windows bigger, but not 2x the original size tough.

    Anyway, thanks for this game, I'm having a blast so far with my brother :)
  5. KoBeWi

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    Plugging another monitor (or TV screen, which is more likely available) might be an option.

    Well, actually if it's possible to play fullscreen on two monitors, that's technically split-screen, right?
  6. Tadpole

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    Sure, you're absolutely right about this, but I can't afford this right now ^^"
  7. talos91

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    Amazing, definitely a must buy for me now, you should definitely add this to an update natively without the need for a hack, a lot of people enjoy 4 player local coop games.
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    If you use the apps border stripper and winsplit you can have Splitscreen that uses all the screen:

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    Is there any way o fix the aspect ratio in 2 player splitscreen?

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