Looking for to complete this game in Beast Mode Hard Mode!


I have zero to no social skills when recruiting fellow players without secretly wanting to fight them in pvp.

However since there is no pvp yet I'd like for some of you cool kids to join me in an epic adventure with new characters to try to beat the entire game's content so far in beast mode to give a detailed review on it and why we should keep it.

Maybe depending on it's difficulty wonder if it can provide more rewards...Maybe better drop rate?

Also I'm most likely going to upload our sessions on my youtube channel so if you're not okay with being shown off to the world then...You're not okay with it and I understand. o_o



I'll consider everyone's requests in an organized steam chatroom as I will need everyone to be cool with the members of the party especially since I'll be uploading it on youtube.

Recently I've been working on my Arcade run video to more or less showoff my stuff but that hasn't been going well because no matter how many times I have a moment where I'm like "That was so cool!" I'm a nerve-wreck while recording alone and end up dead before I touch Winter but I'm getting there.


Green Slime
Hi I'm also looking for a group to play grindea with. I haven't beaten the game yet but all my friends have 100%'d it and find it boring. Would love to play with a group, would be fun c:

Steam ign is 'iShoryu'
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