Marino+(Spoiler) unite bonus boss batle.


Probably not story canon, but I'd really love to see this as an arena battle challenge if nothing else.


Red = Battlefield limit area for the player.
Green = Where Luke teleports (laughing) during Marino's shadow swarm dodging attacks.
Blue = Where Marino teleports (laughing) during Luke's supercharged whirlslash attack.

Maybe the battlefield size shrinks, if necessary, during Marino's shadow swarm attack. If it needs to align with the size of the desert battlefield.

Kill Luke first and Marino gets a ton more living shadows spawning, kill Marino first and Luke goes berserker mode. Smashy+Bashy powerup style.

It seems like an absolutely brutal slog trying to fend them both off at the same time and I want that fight so bad. :naniva:


Green Slime

That sounds so cool!

I would love to see the fight with both of them as a special challenge. Maybe as an option on the Arena? I mean, we fight there with Vilya, so the whole arena is non-canon. Arena could have more fights like that, even without any new rewards.

But more shadows for Marino would be too weak upgrade. I would love for marino to have a new transformation (maybe he absorbs one of his shadows and get a new ability?).

Luke has his special (unavailable to any 2h build) green fire, Marino could have something like that as well. Maybe something like the elite echo's attack? Of course during the second phase of battle (Luke dead).


I tend to suggest things in a way that would require the least amount of new resources, but I could easily see a Marino elite attack being Spirit Slash. He and all his current shadows charge up a Spirit Slash, showing the target radius the same way the Eyeball explosions/Vilya2 spinslash do. Anyone in that radius gets combo-hit by the Spirit Slash. Incentivizes keeping the Shadow Marino population down.