Misc. Talent and Skill Balance Suggestions


Blink: I think Blink would benefit from a weaker EP penalty curve. A longer duration on the EP penalty with a slower curve for the EP scaling would reduce the immediate need to duck out of combat and regen if you use it a few times in a row but would still reduce a player's ability to act offensively if they continue to use it. Alternatively (or even in addition to a lower curve) blink seems like a skill that would work well with the perfect dodge mechanic.

Negative Armor: Currently any % modifier to armor multiplies only your current armor. So, if you have negative armor, using defense talents or buffs will only further decrease your armor. This is kind of cool but I think it's very possible that someone playing with negative armor could just, never notice this, and continue making the game accidentally harder by using fortify or last stand. I think that these talents should only scale with positive armor bonuses.

Provoke: Shouldn't provoke give you a defensive bonus of some kind? It seems counter-intuitive to take more damage when you're already taking on the attention of a group of enemies. That's already built into the skill; if you draw a group of enemies to yourself, you're going to end up taking more damage anyways. It reads more as an extra tool for glass canon builds than it does as a skill to facilitate tanking builds.

I think the following skills and talents need clarification: Concentration, Crippling Blast and Elemental Specialist.
Concentration- States that it makes it harder to interrupt you when casting spells but doesn't specify by how much.
Crippling Blast- Does this skill only scale up the chance of spells inflicting status effects, or does it also scale with burning weapon, crippling touch and card benefits? Since it's possible someone may create melee builds around these talents, I think wording it as 'Increases the chance of applying debuff effects (Burn/Chill/Etc) by 8% per talent level,' or 'Increases the chance of applying debuff effects (Burn/Chill/Etc) from spells by 8% per talent level,' respectively, as 'increases the chance of applying magical debuffs' in its current text doesn't specify which is the case.
Elemental Specialist- "Increases spell damage" is vague. Does this increase magic damage, does it increase the final damage of the spell after applying magic damage or does it increase the base damage of the spell before applying magic damage? When the damage you deal can end up in the thousands, communicating the kind of impact a relatively low number like this has is important.