Pre-Order Announcement and Q&A


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We've now opened up pre-orders that grant beta access to the game.

Here are the key points:

  • All tiers will include a Steam key and DRM-free download
  • It will also include instant beta access on Steam
  • Please try the demo, which spans ~20 minutes of Story Mode and 3 floors of Arcade Mode
Questions and Answers
We'll be filling out this as we approach the Early Access release, so please reply to this thread with all your questions!

Q: Is the game complete? When will it be?
A: The game is not complete. There is no ETA right now! Like all game developers, we simply can't make accurate estimates. We'll keep working on it all the time until it's complete!

Q: How long is the current play time?
A: Rushing through what we currently have of story mode takes roughly 3-4 hours if you do a minimal amount of side activities. Full completion of the current Story Mode content takes about 12 hours. Or something. It depends on your skill!

Arcade Mode, our "roguelite mode" if you will, offers a ton of extra hours. Technically infinite! A lot of people have clocked well over 50 hours in this mode.

Q: How often do you update the beta?

A: We'll have two parallel builds live at all times. The first is the Stable Beta, which will be updated episodically, when we have accumulated a large amount of content. Updates to this version can take anywhere between 1-3 months. Potentially more, if there's a massive batch of content to be added.

The second is the Frontline Beta, which can be accessed by all beta testers via Steam (more info on this later). The Frontline Beta will be updated like the beta is now, which usually means every 1-2 weeks. Users of the Frontline version will not only get updates quicker, but also help out more with the testing!

When enough content has been created and tested by our Frontline users, it will be bundled and released with the Stable Beta.

Q: Is there multiplayer support in the beta? What about the demo?
A: The beta has multiplayer support for both Story Mode and Arcade Mode! The demo does, as well. Both versions support up to four players, but all players must be playing the same version. In other words, if you own the full game, you'll still need to download the demo to play that in multiplayer! Or, you know, convince your friend to get the game... *wink wink*

Q: Will you wipe our save files?
A: We do our utmost to prevent the need for save file wipes. In most cases, there is no need to do this - files can be compatible with any newer version. However, at rare occasions, it's necessary to do such big changes in the save files that compatibility is broken. This has happened once since we started the closed beta, meaning once in two years.

Also, sometimes we make mistakes (this is a beta, remember!), and save files are broken that way! So it's a good idea to backup the files (%appdata%/Secrets of Grindea) before trying new versions from time to time.

Q: How is bug reporting and feedback handled?
A: Helping with bugs and feedback is entirely optional, but we really appreciate it if you want to help out! You can post bugs and feedback in their designated forum categories. If you want to play the game as a beta tester, don't forget to opt into the beta release on Steam! That way, you will always be up-to-date with the newest features.

Q: How does that Rabby Tier exclusive hat look?
A: Like this:
Q: I bought Snowbacca tier (or higher)! How do you know how to credit me?
A: We will send out an e-mail to anyone who purchased the Snowbacca tier (or higher) and ask what you want your credit entry to say. Your full name, your nickname, or both! If you haven't received an e-mail within a few days, send us a e-mail and we'll write your info down!

Q: If I buy one of the creative tiers, how will that process work?
A: You'll work together with us to create whatever it is that you should create! In general, we'll go with your ideas unless they are something that's inappropriate for the game, like swastikas and dicks (sorry), or if they contain mechanics that would mess with the game's balance (like a Sword of Amazingness which kills everything on the screen with each hit).

We generally reserve the right to refuse things that we feel would make the game worse than if it didn't exist, for example a quest that the vast majority would dislike for whatever reason (long and boring, weakens the story, etc)

If you buy a very expensive tier, you can get in touch with us for some extra keys as well. The Master Collector tier will also include the design of various collateral content, such as reward item, quest items, and a reasonable amount of level and enemy design! Get in touch for more info on this.

Here's an example of how it would look when creating a weapon (should be pretty similar for most things):
You purchase the Legendary Blacksmith tier. We'll send you an e-mail to confirm, and then we agree upon a rough date where we'll implement your weapon. We can't work on everyone's requests at the same time, after all!

You request the visual appearance to be a big carrot stick with a snowman's head on top, including the hat. You also request that it should be a craftable item with stuff from the Winterland.

Since none of this is outlandish, we don't have to change anything. Fred makes a few sketches and you select one to work from.

For the function, you want this to be a mage item. You want it to be endgame level in terms of power. You want all ice spells cast with the weapon to do double damage.

We object, since the Winterland is a relatively early area and spawning an endgame weapon there would ruin the balance. Double damage on ice spells is ridiculous even late game, so we object on that too. We suggest faster charge speed on all ice spells instead.

You accept that it won't be an end game item, but since you love the Frosty Friend you suggest the weapon's special effect should be increased HP for Frosty Friend instead of charge time reduction.

We agree on the weapon stats, let you name it and then we proceed with creating the weapon.
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This is the day that will go down in history as the day that life itself evolved.

I will pay whatever I must to get the most out of this game. Oh my god.

Let the endless excitement.......begin.


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Full completion of the current Story Mode content takes about 5 hours.

Just to be sure, there will still be other stuff to do after the story mode is fully completed, right? I'd like to be able to just roam around, explore and find rare items and stuff.


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The beta version right now takes me about 8-10 hours for the 119% completed which inclueds everything you can collect, craft and do. But then you have the hats from Arcade mode to gather so..... The game might take you forever to 100%. XD

Tales Gabriel

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I would love to participate in the beta of this amazing game! All here in Brazil are counting on its opening and would be one of the few Brazilians involved in the participation of the game, thanks!


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Will the early access going to have multiplayer? I have been hyping this forever to my friends after all.


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Will the early access going to have multiplayer? I have been hyping this forever to my friends after all.
It is most likely going to have multiplayer. The closed beta had multiplayer so it would only be silly if the early access did not include it.


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Alright, thank you. I have been worried lately because some early access games start off with single player content and then later release the multiplayer.


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Yes, the early access build includes multiplayer! I'll clarify that in the Q&A


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Neat, that covers most of my questions and hopefully will get my friends on board with the demo. :D


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just wondering...when will this game start??? i wan to play it already looks like lots of fun ^..^