Seasoned ARPG/Roguelite player here saying hi :D


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o/ *waves*

Name's Kek, but I go on steam by the name of [KG] Dolyak. Played D2, D3, PoE and Grim Dawn all on hardcore and reached endgame (~85ish on D2 as a Fishymancer/trapsin build, GR65 on D3 Season 4 Hardcore, 50-55ish in Nemesis league on PoE, level 60 and currently farming on Grim Dawn hardcore). Also have played Binding of Isaac, CoTD (Crypt of the Necrodancer) and DkS1/2. This game looked pretty good to sink some time into, so I bought it and I can't say I'm dissappointed at all. :D

PSA: Just realised I may have mis-nomered "Rogue-lite" as Roguelike. Ah well >.<

PSA 2.0: Kept original PSA, otherwise post after OP doesn't make sense.
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