Secret of Grindea, Speedrun to Gundam


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Haha, I love your segment times in the top left and the fact you killed a single bunny to precisely level up with the completed quest :D

True speedrun tactics! I hope to see more strats developed :p


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You could improve your time by not talking to the kids by the house in the Jumpkin Woods and just go talk to the priest right away. :p I haven't tried out which gives the most damage but I feel like you should get the cloud third and not second as you would kill the giga slime faster with shadow clone. :3 Otherwise I'm pretty impressed. I should step up my speedrunning and start racing you. :p


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Yeah I just kinda relized I don't have to go talk to the kids also getting shadow clones might be interesting, but it really doesn't matter unless you can't 2 cycle him should try though. If you wanna race sometime, I am usually on #SecretsOfGrindea on Quakenet.