Secrets of Grindea Video Guides/Uploads

Hello, I am TylerTheDragon, the 15 year old Gamer that's been gaming for as long as I can remember. I started off my gaming days with a PS1 and now... well, it's evolved a little too much.

I mainly play Secrets of Grindea's story mode and I'm the only Speedrunners that visits this forums, and I plan to do a LOT more videos (Maybe Arcade Mode if I can get past Evergrind).
Fun fact: I also play many other games, I even have a full playlist of my current Final Fantasy IX playthrough I plan to finish once my internet stops being awful! All is livestreamed to my Twitch Account (which is where I spend most of my time) which can be found here!

I plan to create a lot of GUIDE videos to acommodate my Strategy Guide-style "walkthrough".
Here are my current 2 videos, put into a playlist!

More will be coming, but this is what I have for now, expect more pretty soon!
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